Oh hey Kenny. You are so cute. I love you madly. #proudmama @longchamp @kendalljenner #love #beautifulinsideandout @krisjenner krisjenner Kris Jenner

onabrujenn - Jenn & The Itsy’s 7 months ago

I am not the fan that has seen every episode of #kuwtk in fact, I’ve maybe seen 4 full episodes...watching the ones surrounding Paris; @krisjenner @kimkardashian (all of you) as a mom with #MeliahJo (4) #BohdiXander (6) and very close to your age...like I just can’t...ya know our generation remembers what life was like before EVERYone had cell phones, when it was dial up Internet...landlines/housephones...there are amazing benefits - I mean your success comes majorly by way of social media; but I’m frequently appalled at how people think they can talk to celebs(or anyone they don’t physically know)...I am so impressed by all of you and thankful that you all show what it is to be strong business women-my daughter clearly wants the spotlight-but I’m terrified to open those pathways for/with her! I think I prefer my babies to be in bubbles! Lol also, your little sister with the mentally ill stalker-so kind how she had compassion and empathy-but sadly the system will only keep you safe if you go after LEGALLY-the mental health care issues in this country have deeper cracks than the Grand Canyon-I wish you all continued success, health, love and most of all safety...sorry am so behind-I clearly do NOT “keep up” with the kardashians...BUT wanted you to know, you DO have normal, everyday mommy fans out there that are most often cheering you on silently! Thank you for you continued sacrifices that I KNOW, as a mom, Ms. Jenner never anticipated for all of you-but am soo impressed with how you all live your best lives! 💗 a Minnesota Mommy