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halssypelssyyy - Halsey M. 1 month ago

Hi, this is a nice image! You might also follow my friends @ kini.kana. They tell a lot about being yourself. Bye! 😍

aliefcodeine - O ₿ Ɉ ₳ ₼ £ $ O ₦ 1 month ago

Van gogh didnt cut hit ear off, he lost it in a duel. But since dueling in france was punishable by death, and ended in a draw, van gogh and the guy he dueled took the secret to their graves and was kept as such until only recently when a journal of van goghs was discovered with his confession.

lemongrab256 - Kamil 1 month ago

You always deserve sleep. Stop thinking that you need to earn a basic body function and get some damn rest.